Firmware Updates & Software Releases

  • This build is ONLY for Windows 10 systems Build 1607 or later.  It cannot be installed on Windows 7/8 machines, or earlier build of Windows 10 (prior to 1607).
Major Changes for this release:
  • Redesigned Mondopad Admin Page and added support for search in Settings. User can choose between the classic design and the new modern design.
  • Added new “Google Apps” module and provided online Google Apps access inside Mondopad. User can now log into Google Apps as well as Office365 with the Mondopad Mobile App
  • Added support to underline Office365 and Google Module in Home Page if user is logged in.
  • Updated kiosk mode and show a list of running 3rd party applications in the Mondopad bottom taskbar on the right side. If all 3rd applications are closed, Mondopad will automatically return to Home page.
  • Corrected the issue that annotation over a zoomed in file was shifted and not where the annotations were placed.
  • Corrected the issue that qr code scan only worked on single whiteboard page in 3.0.04 release.
  • Many other bug fixes and code optimizations.

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