“I want to break free”

Lamp Free Projection, Environmentally Friendly
Quantum Laser Superior Series

Mercury free Quantum Laser

LightPro Advanced LCD Series

Welcome to the new world of InFocus LCD

These new affordable and bright LCD models come packed with up to 4800 lumens, a 50000:1 contrast ratio, signal inputs up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) @ 30Hz, and weighs only 3.3kg – making them incredibly easy to move around your home, office, or anywhere!


LightPro Advanced Short Throw Series

TechStation Projectors

The Most Powerful and Dynamic Education Experience


Quantum LED Professional Series

Ultra-Portable LED Projector

Wireless projection, 360º Projection, High Brightness, Outstanding Quality


JTouch INF7500

Premium High Performance Interactive Displays

JTouch INF7500 is a complete interactive display with built in Android 8 and applications to support seamless classroom or business meetings with whiteboard, presenting, wireless casting and more - all from one seamlessly integrated platform.