Firmware Updates & Software Releases

InFocus is excited to announce the new Mondopad 4 software version which is available now.

The software brings many changes to user expereince and performance improvements.  Customers are able to purchase the latest version and gain all the benefits and continue using some of the stand out features such as:  ConXMe direct SIP video calling, ConXMe email account and Whiteboard collaboration.

The upgrade also includes a 1 year 50 seat video meeting room which supports the NEW Whiteboard cloud collaboration and also group video meetings.


  • MP’s running 3.x or earlier will require a an upgrade to continue the use of SIP Video, InFocus Email and access to Whiteboard Sharing features with ConX.
  • Starting from version v4.0.02, all Mondopads will require a software activation code. Please contact your Mondopad reseller to purchase an INS-MPULTRA4 activation code if you would like to upgrade your current Mondopad.
  • Mondopad v4.0 comes with Mondopad Subscription Service which provides full features which are valid for 1 year from first run of v4.0. After promotion period, user can renew the subscription service via reseller.  The full features which are activated under the subscription are Direct SIP video calling, 50 seat ConX video meeting room and Whiteboard Cloud Sharing using the ConX 50 seat meeting room
  • If you have purchased an INFMPULTRA or INFxxMU02 model the activation code for version 4 will be supplied with the product.

Questions & Answers

Mondopad Software V4.0.08.24